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Learn how AiSpeed

can drive you sales

AiSpeed is our most innovative app to date. 



Average improved site speed


Measurable Improvements


After AiSpeed

Before AiSpeed

We like Donuts

Waiting for pages to load kills sales, even if it's fractions of a second.

Faster sites are proven to have better conversion rates. A click of a button will make your Shopify Site faster with AiSpeed.

Features that make Shopify sites insanely fast


Image Optimization

Maintain crystal clear image quality while drastically
reducing the file size. 

Lazy Load

Lazy loading a webpage reduces page weight, allowing for a quicker page load time.


Defer works by loading elements of a site only when they are needed using our A.I.


This saves sites in the browser making it load much faster on
a second visit.

Artificial Intelligence 


Automation of different tasks reduces the workload from dull and repetitive tasks.


By reducing file sizes, JavaScript minification can improve webpage performance


Preloading helps you open webpages faster by predicting where you might go next on the page. 

App Analysis

Utilize AiSpeed App Analytics to see which Apps are causing performance issues.

Live Chat Support

Not digging the Artificial Intelligence? That's cool, we have real live humans too!

Loved by countless shopify and shopify plus store owners


Do you feel the need? 

The need for Speed?

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